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Ripener I Concentrate

Ripener I Concentrate
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Material Saftey Data Sheet

  • You use less to gain the same results. Ripener I Concentrate contains all natural active ingredients.
  • By the quart, Ripener I Concentrate is inexpensive.
  • By the gallon, Ripener I Concentrate costs even less.
  • Ripener I Concentrate meets the higher ethylene output methods of the ARCO and ULTRA IV Ethylene Generator. With extra strong active ingredients, Ripener I Concentrate is converted to ethylene at a higher rate than concentrate with less active ingredients.
  • While ARCO and ULTRA IV Ethylene Generators yield superior results with Ripener I Concentrate, this high quality concentrate may be used safely with any ethylene generator.
  • Packaged in high-impact, shatterproof containers.
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